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Last updated: December 17th, 1996

Members of the fan club and the mailing-list also often meets on IRC. If you'd like to participate in this real time conversation, please join us at the #Quo channel on any Undernet server. We're usually meeting every sunday at these hours:

Session I:

Session II (the Main Session):

What is IRC?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a feature of the internet, making it possible to talk (read: write) in "real-time" with other people on the net. To be able to join the conversation on IRC, you'll need an IRC program (one of the most popular program for PC users is mIRC, which is available for free at several ftp-sites) and have access to an IRC-server (free for everyone).

There has been (and probably will always be) a problem with connecting to an IRC server, and with servers that's lagging (Messages are distributed among servers around the world, and sometimes they don't reach everyone in a long time - for some instances up to several minutes :-( ).
However: Most of the time we manage to have direct contact with eachothers throughout the sessions!
(But, don't expect "everything" from this service...)

Here is a couple of sites where you may download mIRC:

for Windows95 (660k): . .

for Windows 3.x (740k): . .

If you're having trouble getting an IRC program, or if you're troubling to get contact, or if you can't find the #Quo channel, please feel free to e-mail me at for help.

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