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Last updated: Tuesday 13th April 2021.

Since January 1st, 1996, this page was the first Status Quo page on the web ever.

The #1 Twelve-Bar-Boogie-Band in the world have been playing rock 'n' roll music for over 30 years(!) and have sold more than 120 million records world-wide.
Status Quo have released twenty eight albums, more than fifty hit singles, and eleven videos,
and have played live more than forty-five hundred (4500) times, to over 18 million people, all around the world.

Status Quo are:
Francis Rossi (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Richard Parfitt (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals), Andy Bown (Keyboards), John "Rhino" Edwards (Bass) and Matt Letly (Drums).


Quo news and rumours:
Status Quo starts touring again in august as Richard Parfitt is believed to be fully recovered from his heart surgery.
Confirmed dates are in UK, Scandinavia and Central Europe, but there are rumours of planned concerts in South America and other parts of the world. Quo has never before played in Brazil!

The Official Status Quo Site is up and running.

Francis Rossi released his first solo album King Of The Dog House in September last year.
In february 1996 Status Quo released a 30th Anniversary Album titled Don't Stop.
This album is a collection of cover songs that Quo members long have admired and played at rehearsals and sound checks.

Other news and rumours. (updated July 28th 1997).


Quo concerts:
Status Quo started the Don't Stop tour in UK (Britain) in december 1995.
After touring Scandinavia and Benelux in early spring, the band have had concerts
in Central Europe in late spring, and have been playing at several summer festivals during
this summer. In late 1996 they have been playing live in the UK.

Here is a list of current and forthcoming live shows (updated January 27th 1997).


Quo records.
Status Quo has released twentyeight Albums, more than fifty hit Singles, and ten great Videos.
Collectors and others will also find the complete discographies of UK Albums and UK Singles a must.
(updated april 15th, 1996).


Quo history:
Status Quo has been around for more than 30 years! Read about the Status Quo history.


Quo images:
I've started on a library with pictures of Status Quo, along with links to pictures on other sites. There's only a few picture here at the moment, but there will be a lot more.


Collecting Quo:
Here is a list of mail order shops you may try for finding wanted Quo material. (updated july 9th).

I'm also starting a meeting place for Status Quo collectors . This is where you may announce your wanted and spare lists.


Discussing Quo:
If you'd like to get in touch with other Status Quo fans from all over the world, please join the Status Quo mailing list at status-quo-request@sonitech.com ,
where you may join discussions about the past and present of the band, songs and albums, likes and dislikes, questions and answers, and probably be the first to get the latest news about the band.

Real time Quo:
Many members of the the mailing-list is also meeting on IRC
every sunday. If you'd like to participate in this real time conversation, please join us at the #Quo channel

Supporting Quo:
There are several Status Quo fan clubs around the world: the official fan club, and national fan clubs.


Quo connections on WWW:

The new Official Status Quo Site is up and running.
Jim and Kristian's Status Quo Home Page: Rockin all over the web ,
Luke Stanley Sheldons page: Status Quo in North America.
The Quo Page by Andreas Magnusson
Martin van den Berg's Status Quo - Rockin' all over the world .
Mr Quo (Stuart Till) has created Mr Quo's Home Page, a page dedicated to Status Quo.
Gert Ohlsson has another Status Quo page which also contains great pictures of Status Quo.
You're welcome to visit the Brazilian Quo Page even if it's mainly in Portoguese.
new Visit the guitar tab pages of my friend Per Rannug
The Ultimate Band List includes links to a lot of all kind of bands. They have also included a card on Status Quo .

Quo screen saver:
Quo fans running Microsoft Windows 3.x or Win95 would love to have a Status Quo Screensaver on their PC. (Thanks to Derek Bickerdike)
(If you're having trouble down loading or running the screensaver, you may down load a copy of the original version here [Hold down the shift key when you're clicking on this] (36k);
You may also download the screensaver as a zip file (7k)[This is very much faster, but you'll need to have an unzip program])


Contributions to this pages:
These pages are written by John-Alex Berglund. (home page now even with a picture of me)
I've had a lot of help from many other Quo-fans; especially from the members of the mailing list.

If you have any information you want to share, or if you would like to comment, make suggestions, criticise or compliment this pages, please send an e-mail to me at johnalex@sn.no

Big thanks goes to everyone on the Status Quo mailing list who have been very helpful filling me in with facts and supplying me with other information.
Special thanks to Jason Hodgson for the UK discographies, and to Alexander Gitlin for running the mailing list.

Copyright © 1995-2004 by John-Alex Berglund.
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