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Last updated: January 27th, 1996

This is the latest news and rumours about Status Quo:

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January 1997

Status Quo World Tour in 1997!

It is confirmed that Status Quo will be going on a World Tour in 1997 this spring.
Confirmed dates are in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Canada.
Strong rumours indicates that Quo also will be visiting South Africa during this tour.

Official Status Quo Site

The Official Status Quo site is up and running.
This is an excellent site with lots of info on the band, many great pictures and a discography
with faximile of all the album covers.

The Event of the year

There are rumours mentioning that there may be something planned in UK this summer, and if this
comes off it is assumed to be the event of the year!

New Record

Plans for a new record this year seems to have been delayed. Rumours suggest that the next record
will be in an "older, more rocking" style, and will be released sometime in 1998.

December 1996

Status Quo World Tour in 1997?

Strong rumours suggest that the current european Can't Stop tour will be extended to a world tour in early 1997.
According to these rumours, Status Quo will be playing in Japan, several gigs in Australia, New Zealand,
Canada (Toronto), USA (Los Angeles and New York) and South Africa during the first quarter of next year!
This is to be the first world wide tour by Status Quo outside Europe since the late 70's.
The only sad thing is that others rumours says that this will be the last tour by the band before they releases one
more record and retire.

An Official Status Quo Site

A forthcoming Official Status Quo site is possibly under construction. Currently there is only a logo of the two
guitar with the text "The Official Status Quo Site; Under Construction".

July 1996

Francis Rossi releases solo album

Francis Rossi will be releasing the single Give Myself To Love on July 23rd in the UK.
This track is taken from the his forthcoming first solo album, titeled King Of The Dog House, which is expected
to be released in early september in the UK.

Quo tour in Australia?

Are Status Quo going to tour Australia or USA this year? Strong rumours are suggesting this.
And as there are no known tour dates in august, september or october, this is very well possible.
An Australian tour is one of the hottest bet.
Addendum: In august Status Quo actually toured eastern and central europe once more

February-April 1996

Status Quo released a 30th Anniversary Album in late february, titled Don't Stop.
The album is a collection of cover songs that Quo members long have admired and played at rehearsals and soundchecks.
Three singles has been released from the album, When You Walk In The Room, Fun Fun Fun (with the Beach Boys), and Don't Stop.

After touring Scandinavia and Central Europe this spring, Status Quo is playing live at several summer festivals this summer.
In december Status Quo will again be touring the UK.

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