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Last updated: July 1st, 1996

Here is a list of Mail Order shops that I have used with great success to enquire Staus Quo items .

If you know of any other addresses for mail-orders shops that may be of interrest, please help me keep this list up to date :

DISCLAIMER: I do not, by any means, accept the responsiblity for any actions done by any of the companies on the list. This also includes availability and fair prices. These listings are for your information only. I am not in any way associated or supported by any of these companies on the list in any way whatsoever. By placing an order at any of these companies, you act solely on your own risk. .

Vinyl Tap

1 Minerva Works,
Crossley Lane, Kirkheaton,
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire,
United Kingdom. HD5 0QP

Tel +44 1484 421446
Fax +44 1484 531019
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Groove Finders

59 Rockall,
Southend On Sea


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